The Shenandoah Valley Tapestry Map
Historic Buildings

The images of the historic buildings on The Shenandoah Valley Tapestry – A Journey Through Time have been adopted by individuals and organizations with generous donations to preserve the life of the Tapestry for future generations to enjoy.

With great appreciation, we present these historic buildings, their stitchers and adopters.

1. Willow Shade – stitched by Elaine W. Evans, adopted by Donna Pence

2. Ambler Hill stitched by Lucy Edmison, adopted by Maggie and Mike Fraser

3. Hopewell Meeting House – stitched by Maggie Fraser, adopted by the Oatlands Chapter, EGA

4. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station stitched by Jackie Partlow, adopted by Irina Novash

5. Glen Burnie stitched by Barbara Jackson, adopted by the Williamsburg Rose and Thistle Chapter, EGA

6. Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters stitched by Cissy Shull, adopted by Mary Reilly, Hanna Reilly and Joan Schmidt

7. Old Stone Presbyterian Church stitched by Linda Miles, adopted by Alison Herring, in memory of Barbara Alexander Herring of Arkansas

8. Frederick County Court House stitched by Stephany Wisecarver, adopted by Margaretta Barton Colt, Edith Sheerin Paterson, Anne Sheerin and Charles Sheerin, in memory of Edith Barton Sheerin

9. Mt. Hebron Gate House and Cemetery stitched by Mary Andrews, adopted by Suzanne Davis

10. Hexagon House stitched by Karen Ryan, adopted by the Piedmont Chapter, ANG 

11. Sheridan’s Headquarters – stitched by Patti Lynn Tidemann, adopted by the Colonial West Chapter, EGA

12. Handley Library stitched by Kathy Crosby, Becky Ebert and Jennifer McSutter, adopted by Margaretta Barton Colt

13. Rouss City Hall stitched by Nina Vassallo, adopted by Charlene and Robert Shipp

14. Godfrey Miller House – stitched by Sally Anderson, adopted by The Sharp Sisters

15. Daniel Morgan House – stitched by Betsy Morgan, adopted by George and Jeanne Schember

16. Christ Episcopal Church – stitched by Cindy Hawkins, adopted by the family of Randolph Barton III 

17. George Washington’s Office stitched by Kristen Goff, adopted by The Chincoteague Crewel Retreat

18. & 19. Christian Streit House and Henry St. George Tucker Law Office and School – stitched by Pamela Lakin, adopted by Kevin and Pamela Lakin

20. Springdale Mill aka Bartonsville Mill – stitched by Brenda Douglass, adopted by Irina Galounina and Peter Poliakov

21. Handley High School – stitched by Elaine W. Evans, adopted by Sophia, Alexander, Angelika, and Jeff Swift

22. Red Lion Tavern stitched by Hildegard Strydom, adopted by Brenda Douglass

23. Thorn Hill Manor stitched by Jane Ashbaugh, adopted by the Loudoun Sampler Guild

24. Simon Lauck House – stitched by Elizabeth Bolduc, adopted by Sarah McCarty

25. Fort Stephensstitched by Teber Amos, adopted by Betty Lowdermilk

26. Springdalestitched by Shelley Anderson, adopted by the Shenandoah Chapter, ANG, and Susan Claytor

27. Abram’s Delightstitched by Linda Miles, adopted by Gloria Jones

27a. Log Cabinstitched by Linda Suter, adopted by the Winchester Chapter, EGA

28. Locust Hill aka Steele Housestitched by Rebecca Glover, adopted by William and Elizabeth Taggart, in memory of Harris S. Colt

29. Vauclusestitched by Sheila Keegan and Lyubov Nosova, adopted by Karen B. Ryan

30. Wayside Innstitched by Janice McHenry, adopted by Alice and Sam Reaves

31. St. Thomas Episcopal Churchstitched by Lynn Tatum, adopted by Ellen Triani

32. Belle Grove Plantationstitched by Diane Trobaugh, adopted by Nina Vassallo and Lyubov Nosova

33. Hillman’s Toll Gatestitched by Elizabeth Bolduc, adopted by Margret Bomar